E-commerce with 2Checkout


An easy way to integrate a shopping cart in your site is using 2Checkout shopping cart. With 2Checkout you may generate payments buttons and 'Checkout' button and integrate them in your site using the HTML snippet.


Unlike other similar shopping cart solutions, in 2Checkout all your products are administrated in your account administration area. Any changes to the products you apply get immediately applied to your payment buttons, and you do not need to regenerate and replace the button code.


Create and integrate 2Checkout payment buttons


1. Enter your 2Checkout account and select Products from the top menu.


2. You will now see your list of products. Select Create from the top menu to create a new product.



3.  a. Enter your product properties (name, description, price, etc.).

     b. Click the checkboxes that indicate if your product is Tangible, or will have a Recurrence.

     c. You may decide to add:

Pending URL If 2Checkout cannot immediately determine if payment information is valid (e-checks) this is the URL your customers will be directed to. This is especially useful for e-good vendors.

Approved URL If an order is immediately approved (most credit card orders) this is the URL your customers will be directed to.

     d.  Save Changes.


4.  Click View to see your list of products. Click on the HTML Snippet icon to get the HTML button code for the product you added.



5.  Inside the page with HTML snippets there are codes available for the following buttons :

  • 'Buy from 2CO' Button
  • 'Buy from 2CO' Button with Quantity
  • Add a Shopping Cart 'Checkout' Button

Copy the code you want to use.



6.  Add an HTML Snippet at the page and location where your 2Checkout button should appear. Paste the code in the HTML box.



The buttons will appear on the published page like this:


After clicking a button, your client will be directed to 2checkout.com to view the products in their cart. They may choose to Continue Shopping and will be automatically redirected back to your site, or Continue Checkout to complete the purchase.