How to add a guestbook to your site


You may easily add a customized guestbook to your website by using the Forms editor and Forum / Blog features. To get an idea of how your guestbook will look and work, please refer to our sample guestbook.

  1. First, add a Forum or Blog on your page. The Blog layout might be more appropriate for your guestbook as the full postings will be displayed on the page. If you wish to have an option to review guestbook entries before they become publicly available, in Forum / Blog Access permissions select the option Allow - Requires Approval for users' postings and comments. The postings awaiting approval are marked with a red icon.
  2. Now add a Form with the fields your visitors should fill in to sign you guestbook. You can use the pre-set Feedback form wizard and add all extra fields you need.
  3. Click on the button of the form and apply the following settings:
    • Check the Submit To Forum option and select the forum just added from the Forum/Blog dropdown. Map the fields from the form to the corresponding Blog fields. If you wish that the information from several form fields appeared in the guestbook posting body, select the Use Template option, insert the respective field values and Save. See a sample template.
    • If you wish to be notified by email for each new posting, set the Send to Email option and fill in your email addresses and the subject of the email.
  4. Update the form and publish the page.

With this the setup of your guestbook is complete.