AdSense for Feeds

You can display ads directly to any feeds you're running on your site. Feeds can be enabled to your Blogs and Forums.

1. In order to reach the application, go to AdSense Setup > Get Ads and select AdSense for Feeds. You'll land on a page where you can configure the final appearance of the ads:

- Ad type - select text / images only or text and images ads

- Frequency - the add can appear for each feed item or every second, third and fourth

- Post Length - set the minimum number of words in a feed posting to have the ads displaying

- Position - the position of the ad compared to the posting

Set the colors and add channels to track the ad unit's progress.

2. Activate your Feed - scroll to the bottom of the page and click Burn new feed link. Insert the URL of the feed of your blog / forum and activate it.

3. Click Save - it should take around ten minutes for the AdSense to be configured and to start appearing to your feed.

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