Enable AdSense for Search

The AdSense for Search option allows you to add a custom Google Search engine in your site that displays results relevant to your site content and paid listings. To integrate this option:

1. In your Google AdSense account go to AdSense Setup and select AdSense for Search, you will be redirected to a video tutorial page. After you watch the video you can click the Get Started button.

2. Configure the following elements:
- Search Type - whether the search will display results from the entire web or only sites you want
- Selected Sites -  the pool of sites from which the engine will draw results
- Optional Keywords - add keywords that will fine tune the eventual results

3. Customize the appearance of the search box to achieve a special look and feel.

4. Choose from one of the options for opening the search results page, as well as the location of the paid listings.

5. Tick the checkbox to confirm that you agree with the additional terms and name your search engine. After you click the Submit and Get Code button, you will get the HTML code which you can add to your page in an HTML snippet.

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