Hits Counter


The Hits Counter may be added to any page of your site. It will display the total number of unique visitors to the site or to your page depending on the selected option.


To add a Hits Counter simply reach for the top menu and click Add Content > More > Hits Counter. Green rectangles will indicate the locations where a Hits Counter may be added. Select the desired location by clicking on a green rectangle and the Add Hits Counter popup will be displayed.



In the Prefix and Suffix fields enter the text that should appear before and after the counter. Select appropriate style for the appearance of the counter on the page - plain, bold, large or box. Here is an example of a counter using box style:



You may also align the counter left, right or center.

Finally, choose whether the counter should display the unique hits to this page only or the unique hits to the site as a whole. Press Add. The counter will immediately display all visits to the page or site since the day when the page or site were created. To make the counter visible to end users don't forget to publish it by clicking the Page is not published red label on top right.