How to format better the email output of web forms

With the Form editor you can integrate the information submitted by users via a web form into a well-formatted email message. This will greatly improve the readability and proper processing of the form results.


Once you have created your form fields, follow these steps:

  1. First, click on the Submit button and set your form to send the submitted information by email to the person who will be processing the form results.
  2. Then check the Use Template checkbox and click Edit link to open the Mail template editor. Here you can define the appearance of the form email.
  3. In the blank template editor compose the text for the email. In the places where the content of a form field should appear, select the name of this field from the Values dropdown.
  4. You can additionally format your content by using tables or making certain texts bold or italic.
  5. Save the changes done in the Mail template editor. You will automatically go back to the Form editor.
  6. If you use additional text formatting for your mail template, be sure to have the option Mail Format in Send to Email section set to Html. Thus the form mails you receive will display the text formatting you have applied.
  7. Fill in the form and submit it to test the result. The information submitted via the form should be displayed with the formatting and the content structure set in the template.