How to create a members-only area on your site 

You can set up a members-only area on your site and protect select pages and resources from public access with password and mailing list subscription. The members-only area is particularly useful for publishing and sharing confidential or proprietary information with clients, partners, staff or select visitors.

  1. To restrict access a select page by password, simply set the desired password in the Access Control settings of the page. After you publish the change, only users who have been given the page password will be able to access the page.
  2. If you wish to allow access to a page only for a list of predefined email addresses, add them to a hidden Mailing List on your site, not available for public joining. Then, select this mailing list from the "Allow only for members of" dropdown in the Access Control settings of the page you wish to protect. Users will now be asked to identify with an email address before viewing the page. Only those who provide an email which is joined to your mailing list will be granted access.
  3. To apply both password and email-based protection, fill in the desired password and select the mailing list in the Access Control settings for the desired page. Only members who type in both the correct page password and an email joined to the mailing list will be able to access the protected area.
  4. If you wish that your visitors are able to request membership status,add a Form containing the fields which you want them to fill in and submit (name, address, occupation, email, reason for requesting membership, etc.). Set the form to submit the provided email address to your Mailing List, while at the same time sending a notification to your email. Based on the collected information, you may respond to the approved members with the password for accessing the protected area.
  5. To verify the validity of a provided email address prior to joining it to the list of subscribers, you may additionally modify the Mailing List settings to require confirmation. Each subscriber will now be asked to confirm their subscription to the mailing list by clicking on a link sent to the email address provided.

In addition to protecting whole pages from your site, you may also protect resources (files or images) on non-protected pages from your site. Learn how to make certain files in a public file area accessible by members only or restrict access to original gallery images.