The News & Events application allows you to create a basic list of news articles or events. You can either manage entries manually or have them pulled from a RSS feed.

Just go to Control Panel > Applications and add the News & Events Application to your account. Once you've done this, the application will appear in the Add Content menu. The News & Events element is added to a page in the same manner as any other content element. Simply select the News & Events from the Add Content menu and click on a green area of the page to apply the element wherever you want it to appear.



The Options tab allows you to select whether your News source will come from an RSS Feed, or if you will create Manual Entries.


Once you have selected the Data Source, you can set the Display Preferences.

Display Preferences
  1. Show the First: Set the number of entries to be initially displayed on the page.
  2. Truncate Description After: Define the maximum number of characters to display from the description. Leave empty to show the full description.
  3. Sort by Date: Choose the sorting order of the entries.
  4. Optional Elements:

      • Calendar icon in front of entry title - Display entry date icon in front of the title.
      • First Image in front of the entry - The entry image will be dispayed in front of the event/news (use this option only if you expect to have at least one image in the Manual Entries).
      • Text date after entry title
      • "Show more..." link - If the News & Events application is set up to display less than the total number of entries in the feed (Display Preference 1), this setting will enable a clickable text link after the last entry on the page. When clicked, more entries will be revealed.
     5. Group Same Date Entries: Same date entries will be grouped under a common icon.

     6. Make Entry Title a Link: Clicking on the entry title will open the link.    

     7. Make First Image a Link: Clicking on the image will open the link


From the Entries tab, you can add as many News Entries as you would like. Click the Add New Entry button to add additional postings. You can modify the Date, Title, Description, add an image and assign a link for each posting. You can hide entries on the Entries list, by disabling the Active check box for the desired items.