Sample Guestbook

This is a sample guestbook. For a better idea of how it is created, please refer to the properties settings snapshots of the two elements we have used to implement it - Forum / Blog and Form.

Please sign my guestbook!

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id = "FBMainForm_8792448" action="/sample_guestbook.html" method = "post" onsubmit = "return false" >

Forum / Blog Properties

Access permissions for this guestbook are set to require approval for postings and comments. So, all new postings will be initially visible just by the site owner (or a list of moderators appointed by him) and after approval they will become available for the public.  If you wish the postings of your visitors to become instantly visible to the public - select the option Allow - Instant publish in Add Postings for Anonymous users.

Form Properties

This is a snapshot of the properties set up for the Form used in this guestbook. Note that the form is set to submit information to the Forum / Blog and also to a specified email. For the submission to Forum / Blog we have selected to use a Template in order to have the information from several form fields submitted to the Blog posting in a structured way. The second image shows a snapshot of the Template edit view.