Site Statistics


If you would like to view highly detailed reports and statistics about your site activity, we recommend using Google Analytics.

The Google Analytics tool is very powerful, easily integrated with your site, and provides comprehensive statistics for many different aspects of your site traffic including: traffic sources, visitors info, site content statistics, goals and funnels.

On the other hand if you are just looking for basic statistics such as site hits, page hits and referrer domains, you can use the built-in Site Statistics tool that does not require creating a Google Analytics account. To monitor your website traffic using the built-in site statistics, you must first enable it from your Site Properties.



Once the Site Statistics option is enabled for your account, it can be accessed by clicking the ControlPanel > Site Statistics.


In the popup that opens, use the drop-down options to select the type of statistics data (Site / Page Hits or Referrer Domains) and the period for which the statistics should be displayed.



Detailed daily statistics for the site and page hits and referrer domains is available for the current month only. Summary view of the site and page hits and referrer domains is available for each month of the year.

Site Hits

The Site hits show the number of unique visitor sessions for your site. One site hit corresponds to all actions of a particular visitor on your site, from the moment they land on the website until they leave it or show inactivity for more than 30 minutes.


A new site hit is counted:

  • When a visitor arrives at your site

  • If the visitor closes the browser and then reopens your site again

  • If, after 30 minutes of inactivity, the visitor resumes the active browsing of your site


A new site hit is NOT counted:

  • For each page the user visited on your site during the same viewing session

  • If the visitor pressed "Back" button of the browser to go back to another site and then returned with "Next" to your site.

  • When you open your site to edit it in Admin view

Page Hits

Each page hit corresponds to one visit of a particular page.


A new hit for a specific page is counted:

  • Each time a user visits this page on your site

  • If, after 30 minutes of staying on the same page, the visitor reloads it


A new page hit is NOT counted:

  • If the visitor keeps on refreshing the same page

  • If you visit a page while working in Admin view

Referrer Domains

Referrer domains are the sites from which visitors have arrived at your site by clicking a link.
A new visit from a referrer domain is counted each time a visitor opens your site by clicking a link residing on any page under the referrer domain.